Bob Aungst

Bob Aungst describes his work as a “focus on implementing strategies that help entrepreneurs build the kind of business that helps them be happier – not just wealthier.”

This includes keeping his marketing business and consultancy agile, quickly adopting new technologies and leveraging them in behalf of clients.

Bob was raised in an entrepreneurial environment at home and carefully observed his father’s success both starting and eventually acquiring businesses. After college Bob  worked for a Fortune 200 manufacturer, and after two years he’d recognized that while he was successfully working to maintain, manage, and grow a world class business, he had a passion for helping less-developed businesses work through the challenges to become successful.   He started his own business with no customers and no employees, and built it to be a successful model for scalable, working models for manufacturing and service-oriented businesses.

Soon Bob began sharing his expertise to help manufacturers define and articulate their message in the business to business marketplace.  He developed networks and streamlined communication processes to alleviate owner’s stress and help businesses make the leap from being small operations to larger enterprises.

Along the way, his passion for marketing and strategies for using new technologies to achieve business growth fueled his innate curiosity and aptitude for making businesses push themselves to be better. As he built a solid foundation by ongoing study of marketing greats current and past, he continued to hone his copy writing skills, built databases of customers, worked through the process of testing and experimenting with a variety of strategies and messages, and incorporating his abilities to finally drive more traffic, acquire more leads through websites and landing pages, and efficiently turn them into long-time, loyal customers.

Bob has owned and consulted with dozens of businesses and he is passionate about building successful online strategies. As part of a rapidly growing network of knowledgeable search engine professionals, Bob and his team know what’s required to engage prospective customers and generate qualified online traffic. Most importantly, Bob’s proven ability to turn visitors into shoppers and buyers helps clients turn site traffic into customers for steady, profitable growth.

Businesses benefit from Bob’s ability to identify their unique strengths and then communicate those advantages to customers in a compelling way. The result is a program that’s built on strategies and principles that are repeatable and consistent. To continue to grow professionally and provide the best marketing strategy Bob completed his certification and joined the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network in 2016.

He is a graduate of the University of Richmond and lives with his family in central Pennsylvania.

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