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Create A System That Automatically Delivers Your Perfect Sales Message To Qualified Prospects, Convinces Them That You’re The One They Want To Do Business With

Our expertise in Inbound Marketing Services makes us an ideal solution for businesses that want to optimize their marketing and sales strategy so that they make money based on effective and efficient systems, not just sales superstars.

At SEO for Growth in Dallas Fort Worth we plan and create a system that is specially designed to bring qualified customers to your doorstep.

An effective inbound marketing system can include:

The right plan: we will examine your ideal customer, their purchase cycles, what they consider when making the decision to buy what you sell, and more. Once we complete the process of studying your customers, we can create a plan that will help us engage with those customers in an effective way – from the initial idea down through the purchase, and into customer retention.

We NEVER Make Search Traffic And Analytics Results A Higher Priority Than Sales

When it comes to online traffic, sometimes internet strategists or business owners pursue the wrong goal.  Instead of actual sales, they mistake website traffic volume for success. The problem is that you can attract a lot of website traffic that is not really your target audience. This kind of error can destroy your budget in a ppc campaign, and ultimately slow your business growth to a standstill. We always look to attract people who want to buy what you sell – not just volume of visitors.

We Leverage New Technologies And Traditional Channels To Produce A Steady Stream Of Qualified Leads

The perfect campaign includes a fantastic product or service, delivered to your target audience, with the perfect message and incentive, at the right time.

That’s where we come in: we create a strategy, that can drive your message to people who want to buy from you – and our team of technological gurus and content writers are masters at executing these campaigns.

Of course, we must use all the tools we have at our disposal to ensure the best result, so we test our initial strategies, and then, adjust them as needed. We then test them again, adjust as appropriate, then, test, test, and test again. Lead generation and marketing is a process that refines and optimizes over time.

Lead Handling Is A Critical Element Of Your Inbound Marketing Campaign

Nothing can destroy a campaign faster than mishandling leads that come in. Your program must include a full integration of your strategy with all those who interact with your customers. Those who answer the phones or respond to emails, those who engage with your sales team, and all those who could potentially speak with a customer must fully understand the messages that you are sending your customers, including the advantages you offer, the incentives you provide, and the standards you maintain. When your entire marketing process is systematized and integrated, you have a uniform message and presentation that is consistent, reliable, and scalable. Then, you can step on the gas, and push your business to achieve profits and a growth rate that is truly phenomenal.

The incentive offers often used in contractor marketing—including YOURS, most likely!—appeal only to “now” buyers. If somebody is already in the mood to buy a sunroom, a discount or freebie might be just enough to make them call.

But the truth is that most people who see your ads are NOT ready to buy. Not yet.

They may be considering it. They may be planning for it down the road. They may even desperately want or need what you’re selling.

But for whatever reason, they’re not ready to move forward and give you a call.

And that’s where the information offer works its magic.

By creating an interesting guide that people request, you’ve essentially captured all the buyers for the next few months—or years—off the marketplace and into your database.

Sure, it’s disappointing that they don’t want to buy right now. But you now have the opportunity to continually hit them with postcards, emails, and other forms of marketing for years to come.

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